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This command is only available when you first run Prison on your sever. It cannot be used if you already setup any ranks or mines because this could potentially cause conflicts.

This new feature will provide a fast way to configure most of the core features of Prison, and it may be the preferred way to setup a new server.

Features provided:

Once this command is ran, these setting can be used as is, or they can be farther customized to suite any need.

The only requirement to creating a functional prison is to convert all of the virtual mines to physical mines. This is accomplished through the command /mines set area <mineName>.

Other simple tools to help customize the mines, are as follows:


How to use the command

Execute the command itself with the argument you want, like in the examples below:

In these cases, for ranks the default starting Price will be 50000 and the Multiplier for each Rank (how much a Rank will be more expensive than the previous one)’s of 1.5.

An example with custom values’s this one, remember to add the whole price=x and mult=x tag:

You can execute the command without args, like in this example:

It’ll use default values like if you’re using:

Command Format

/ranks autoConfigure <full/mines/ranks> <price=x> <multi=x>

END of the command INFO