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Prison Now Fully Supports Spigot 1.17.1 and Java 16 !!

Prison now has Access By Rank to Reduce the number of Permissions needed!

New! Prison Fast Start

Prison Auto Configure / Prison Quick Start!

Prison now has a new set of features that can help you get up and running faster than ever! With the latest version of Prison, you can even have a functional Prison server running with just two Prison commands. See below for more information.

It is strongly recommended that the ‘/ranks autoConfigure’ should always be ran first. Prison’s Auto Configure sets up so many features, that it can help resolve many initial issues.

Before you try to setup Prison, you really need to install an Economy or the Ranks module will not be enabled. It is strongly suggested you install the following plugins: Vault, EssentialsX, EssentialsX-Chat, PlaceholderAPI, LuckPerms, WorldEdit, WorldGuard (or Fast Async World Edit, FAWE, on newer versions of Spigot).

/ranks autoConfigure. It can auto create your ranks and virtual mines, A through Z, it will link the mines to the ranks, setup the Mine Access By Rank and TP Access By Rank. It will also setup the Mine as a Virtual Mine will and assign blocks of increasing values to all mines. Each mine will also be assigned a random liner. The Ranks autoConfigure will also enable sellall and load over 90 default blocks for your shop. Auto features will be enabled (auto pickup, auto smelt, and auto blocking).

Some of the newer features that are enabled with /ranks autoConfigure are: Ladder Base Rank Cost Multiplier (ranks cost more every time you prestige), auto configure 10 prestige levels, and improved placement of the mine. Based upon where you are standing, you can now define both the location of the mine, and the size.

Once it generates all the virtual mines, all you need to do is to use the command /mines set area help on all mines to make them physical mines and then prison will be ready to use. Plus there are many new features to help provide the finishing touches in almost no time.

Auto configure can get you up and running with as little as two commands. The first command is: /ranks autoConfigure. Then the second command you run while you are in game, and it defines the mine for you in the world. It’s based upon where you are standing to make it “simple”: /mines set area A feet 10 6. This last command tells prison to place the mine at your feet and to expand the walls outward by 10 blocks in all directions, and push the bottom of the mine down by 6 blocks. The result will be a mine that is 21 x 21 x 7.

At this point you have a 1 mine functional prison server. Of course you will want to add more mines, but this is a quick overview of the basics on getting up and running.

To see the blocks at this point, just reset the mine:

Then to protect the world so players cannot break your builds, you need to setup a global WorldGuard region for that world:

For more information, check out the following commands.

Prison Auto Configure / Prison Quick Start Guide!

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Commands Shortcut help

Adding the help argument as the first parameter of any command will show additional help.



MINES COMMANDS: Guidebook TO-DO (Work-In-Progress)

MORE COMMANDS: Guidebook TO-DO (Work-In-Progress)

Guides: Setting Up the Server Basics

Guides: Configuring Prison

These guides cover the core fundamentals of Prison. They may reference other plugins, but these guides will not go in to depth on how to install or use the other plugins; those details will be a focused guide of their own.

Guides: Working with other Plugins

Guides: Configuring Other Plugins for Prison

This section of guides will focus more on other plugins and how they can integrate with Prison. They may use a few aspects of the prison API or command interface, but these guides will spend the majority of their time covering the other technologies that can help give Prison your own character.

Guides: FAQs

This section of guides will focus on FAQs; short helps for common problems.