Prison Documents - Table of Contents

Prison Known Issues and To Do’s - Completed listings

These have been marked as completed over the last few years, and encompasses many different versions. The original known issues doc was over 1500 lines so they are being moved to here to shorten that document

These known issues are an informal list of concerns and bugs. Also includes some wish-list items too.

These are notes for personal references. These are not intended to explain anything useful, but they do track some issues and perspectives that may not be fully expressed in the change logs because initial impressions may not turn out to be the actual problem or the final course of changes and enhancements.

DONE - permission for prestiges not working correctly Rayne - Today at 9:52 AM hey @RoyalBlueRanger, so someone is trying to prestige and they can’t? there’s no errors or anything and they don’t get a message it worked for me when i was op Rayne - Today at 10:52 AM So it turns out that the ranks.rankup.prestige permission works but not the ranks.user

DONE - budderman18 reports: Budderman18 - 06/21/2023 11:56 AM If your server runs any plugin using java 19 or higher (java 18 might be the case as well), prison won’t be able to startup

DONE: > noza3 - 2023-06-29 at 1:09 PM

Thanks royal blue but i’ve already fixed it. Only problem I was facing was using /mtp {minename} after creating the mines, which would say this is a virtual mine blah blah, but madog told me to do a restart which fixed the issue, so I created all of my mines, set them up properly, then restarted the server and all of the /mtp {minename} works now. Also the portal at my spawn that allows people to jump into and go to their mine works, now that I use the player command /mtp with the portal. Thanks for the help

DONE - TEST: Add nbt support to gui menus. Issue with rankup not getting the correct ladder name.

-> DONE: Hook in to quests - Only on block break events so may not work as expected?

. DONE: Use of placeholders in gui mines is not working correctly - PassBl

TODO Items for v3.2.11-alpha.13

Tasks needed for the v3.2.11 release:

List for v3.2.11 release:

Start on mine bombs

  1. Select size of bomb. Configuration. 1a. DONE: Identify items to use as bombs 1b. DONE: Bomb size 1c. DONE: Bomb explosion pattern. Currently only sphere, but could include other shapes.
  2. DONE: Select list of blocks that will be effected by bomb explosion
  3. Throw bomb, or place bomb… start processing count down.
  4. Pre-fire effects: sound & particles (low priority)
  5. fire event
  6. Post-fire effects: sound & particles (low priority)
  7. Hook up prison’s event handler for prison’s explosion event

Mine Valuation Score - MVS


Possible bugs/issues:

Document updates needed:

  1. Document how to use Ladder Rank Cost Multipliers

  2. Document that to get TE explosions to work, you must also create WG regions in the mine.
    • may be able to bypass with creative use of Access by Ranks (have prison directly fire the BlockBreakEvents within TE’s functions?)
  3. BlockEvent docs need to be updated to reflect recent changes (select by number).

  4. Review commands listed in TOC. Remove obsolete commands (some ladder commands were removed).

Personal mines. Work in conjunction with a plot world?

Auto features not working outside of the mines.

Future Block Constraints:

Maybe: Have an alt block list for mines were blocks that are not actually defined in that mine included there. This is so air and other blocks that don’t find hits can be included with the counts. Needed for when blocks are changed so it does not lose change status?

Enable zero block counts for parent mines. if 100% block type of IGNORE, then after reset do an full mine air count so zero block reset works. :)

Offers for translation: Italian : Gabryca Greek : NerdTastic German: DeadlyKill ?? Did not ask, but a possibility? French: LeBonnetRouge Portuguese: 1Pedro ?

Features recently added for v3.2.11

Features recently added for v3.2.10

TODOs for v3.2.10 release:

  1. DONE: Final testing of ladder rank multipliers
  2. DONE: /ranks ladder moveRank not working
  3. DONE: Forced global refresh of rank multipliers when a ladder multiplier is changed.
    • Should be simple
    • Run as async task
    • DONE: Force update when updating a ladder’s multiplier - all players
    • DONE: Force update when changing ranks - only targeted player
  4. DONE: Add ladder base cost multiplier to /ranks autoConfigure. Start with a simple 10%.
    • Include message that it’s enabled and how to change it or disable it:
    • /ranks ladder rankCostMultiplier prestiges 0
  5. Add to /ranks player the detail information on rank cost multipliers
  6. DONE: For ‘/ranks autoConfigure’ add an alias to ‘/prison autoConfigure’

  7. DONE: Change /ranks list so if non-op it does not show all the extra details. A simplified list for plain players.

  8. DONE: Liners: Some are only for later releases and do not work with 1.8.8. So need to setup something to restrict the liners that are not functional for the older releases of spigot.

  9. DONE: Hook up Prison’s Explosion event.


Features recently added since v3.2.9

Player Cache possibilities?

DONE: - Block constraint error when there are no blocks spawned when applying min to add more…

Player Cache possibilities:

Completed for v3.2.9:

For v3.2.8 Release - - Preparing for Java 16

Other additions and changes:

DONE * Add /prison debug targets so specific kinds of debug messages can be turned on and off so it does not flood the console with tons of irrelevant messages.

DONE * replace ranks with mine related commands with ranks.

DONE * Add system stats to /prison version

DONE: If starting up prison and there are 0 ranks and 0 mines, then submit a delayed job that will run in 10 seconds to print out a message to console on how to run /ranks autoConfigure for quick setup… include link to the online docs.

DONE: rank commands - remove by line number

Prison is all about providing the best experience for your server environment.In order to look toward the future, so we can continue to provide the best possible experience, we have to set limits on what we can actually provide support on. We are currently entering a challenging period of time where we will have to make some difficult decisions to help ensure the best possible future for Prison.

Minecraft 1.17 is scheduled to be released on June 8th, 2021. The release of 1.17 brings with it some major changes that will have significant ripples throughout the minecraft server community, mostly due to the heavy dependency upon Java 1.8 for many years. This ultimately means there are a lot of unknowns that we will have to work through and there will be situations that were unexpected.

One major change in our support statement is that Prison, as of right now, will only officially support Spigot v1.8.8 (10.9% usage), v1.12 (10.9% usage), and v1.16.5 (73.5% usage). These three versions of Spigot represents 95.3% of all servers using the Prison plugin. This does not include any server that has disabled the bstats, which is one reason why you should keep that enabled so you can be represented in our stats and our plans for the future.

Note: The follow up versions in descending order of usage are: v1.14.4 (1.6% usage), v1.13.2 (1.2% usage), v1.15.2 (1.2% usage), and v1.11.2 (0.9% usage). No other versions are recorded by bStats.

But please keep in mind, as with our official stance of only supporting Spigot, we will also provide as-needed support for Paper and other Spigot compatible platforms. We want you to have the flexibility to use the platform that best suites your needs. We just will not pre-test on those platforms, but we will try to address any issues that are brought to our attention. The non-supported versions of Spigot falls under this same limitation of support: we will not pre-test for the non-supported versions, but if you are using them and find issues, we will work with you to resolve them. The actual impact of dropping support for 1.9, 1.10, 1.11, 1.13, 1.14, and 1.15 should have no impact on quality for those releases of Spigot, but it will free up a lot of time spent on testing.

Some initial testing with running a prison server using Java 16:

I have not tried to compile anything with Java 16 since I need to first update the Prison build environment to support it. But these are tests that will be explored in the very near future so as to get a better understanding on what we can expect from the build process.

In the last few days, I’ve updated gradle to the latest release so it will support Java 16. Other resources have been updated too. More work will be done over the next week or two to prepare for MC 1.17 and Java 16.

NOTE: At this time, I think there will have to be two builds. One with Java 1.8 for Spigot versions 1.8 through 1.16.5. Then another build with Java 16 that will support Spigot 1.12 through 17. This will give admins the flexibility to choose the version of Java to run on their servers that they are most comfortable with. Initially, these builds will be automated, but initially they may be a manual process.

Prison v3.2.8 will be targeted to support Java 16, and hopefully, Minecraft v1.17 too.

Java 1.8 and Java 11 have a built-in javascript engine. Java 16 does not. This plugin provides support, and compatibility, with javascript processing. Other plugins that use javascript, such as papi, would have to be compiled to work with this plugin.