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Prison Build Logs for v3.2.11

Build logs

These build logs represent the work that has been going on within prison.

3.2.11 2022-01-22

Prison supports:

NOTE: It is currently recommended that the old Prison Backpacks should not be used at this time. They will be rewritten shortly to address the current issues.

3.2.11-alpha.17 2022-01-18

3.2.11-alpha.15 2022-01-13

New Feature: Dump the BlockBreakEvent and monitor changes per listener. This provides a great deal of information on what is modifying the blocks. To use, enter prison debug mode with /prison debug and then shift-click on a block using the prison wand (/mines wand).

3.2.11-alpha.12 2021-12-21 Alpha 12 released.

Prison tokens: Add a few more prison tokens placeholders. Fixed the admin token commands to use longs and not integers.

3.2.11-alpha.8 2021-11-28 Release v3.2.11-alpha.8.

Post the alpha.5 release.

3.2.11-alpha.4 2021-11-01 Released alpha.4.

Prison v3.2.11-alpha.3 2021-10-18

3.2.11-alpha.2 2021-10-14