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Prison Build Logs for v3.2.5 - 2021-04-01

Build logs

Greetings! I’m delighted that you are interested in the build logs for the Prison plugin. I’m wanting to provide a more formal documentation as to what is going on in each build so you have a better idea if it may be something that you need.

V3.2.5 2021-04-01

Release of next bug update.

Set the version to v3.2.5.

Publishing this version. Update documents.

NOTE: You can also edit an already existing item after enabling the per-block permission, and you’ll see the right permission next to the edited sellall item, remember that if you edit this permission, it’s going to do nothing because it isn’t actually the one in use, so this permission isn’t fully editable, you can only edit the <prison.sellall.>.

Option to enable this feature in the sellallconfig.yml: Sell_Per_Block_Permission_Enabled: true

Structure of permission: prison.sellall.<blockName>.

v3.2.5-alpha.3 2021-03-06

v3.2.4 2021-03-01

Release v3.2.4.

V3.2.3 2020-12-25

Merry Christmas!! Release of next bug update.

V3.2.2 Release - 2020-11-21