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Prison Build Logs for v3.2.5 - 2021-04-01

Build logs

Greetings! I’m delighted that you are interested in the build logs for the Prison plugin. I’m wanting to provide a more formal documentation as to what is going on in each build so you have a better idea if it may be something that you need.

v3.2.6 2021-04-10

v3.2.5 2021-04-01

Release of next bug update:

The April Fools release. LOL I thought it was April 1st, but it really was March 31st. I was fooled. lol

Set the version to v3.2.5.

v3.2.4 2021-03-01

Release v3.2.4.

V3.2.3 2020-12-25

Merry Christmas!! Release of next bug update.

V3.2.2 Release - 2020-11-21