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Prison Build Logs for v3.2.9 - 2021-07-03

Build logs

Greetings! I’m delighted that you are interested in the build logs for the Prison plugin. I’m wanting to provide a more formal documentation as to what is going on in each build so you have a better idea if it may be something that you need.

Prison now fully supports Spigot 1.17 and Java 16

v3.2.9 2021-07-03

v3.2.9 Release Highlights

v3.2.9 - Prison Update - Enhancements to blockEvents, placeholders, support, and events

/ranks ladder command add placeholders
{player} {player_uid} {msg} {broadcast} {inline} {inlinePlayer} {sync} {syncPlayer} {firstJoin} {balanceInitial} {balanceFinal} {currency} {rankupCost} {ladder} {rank} {rankTag} {targetRank} {targetRankTag}

/ranks command add placeholders
{player} {player_uid} {msg} {broadcast} {inline} {inlinePlayer} {sync} {syncPlayer} {firstJoin} {balanceInitial} {balanceFinal} {currency} {rankupCost} {ladder} {rank} {rankTag} {targetRank} {targetRankTag}

/mines command add placeholders
{player} {player_uid} {msg} {broadcast} {inline} {inlinePlayer} {sync} {syncPlayer}

/mines blockEvent add placeholders
{player} {player_uid} {msg} {broadcast} {inline} {inlinePlayer} {sync} {syncPlayer} {blockName} {mineName} {locationWorld} {locationX} {locationY} {locationZ} {coordinates} {worldCoordinates} {blockCoordinates} {blockChance} {blockIsAir} {blocksPlaced} {blockRemaining} {blocksMinedTotal} {mineBlocksRemaining} {mineBlocksRemainingPercent} {mineBlocksTotalMined} {mineBlocksSize} {blockMinedName} {blockMinedNameFormal} {blockMinedBlockType} {eventType} {eventTriggered} {utilsDecay}

v3.2.8.1 2021-06-18

Prison V3.2.8 Release! Prison now fully support Spigot 1.17 and Java 16!

NOTE: Since the start of the development on v3.3.0, Prison has had a few other releases under v3.2.7 and v3.2.8. The reason for these releases is that the major structures (and code) that would make prison v3.4.x, are not complete. Therefore, to get out new updates sooner than later, v3.2.7 and v3.2.8 have been release.

NOTE: v3.2.8-alpha.1 is identical to v3.3.0-alpha.6. V3.3.0 is far from being ready to be released. So v3.2.8 will enable Java 16 and also Minecraft 1.17.

v3.3.0-alpha.6 2021-06-07

v3.2.7 2021-05-02