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Prison Build Logs for v3.3.x

Build logs

These build logs represent the work that has been going on within prison.

3.3.0-alpha.14 2023-01-23

The following are significant changes that are included in the alpha.14 release since the alpha.13 release was posted.

Prison v3.3.0-alpha.14 2023-01-23

v3.3.0-alpha.13h3 2023-01-18

v3.3.0-alpha.13h2 2023-01-11

v3.3.0-alpha.13h 2023-01-07

3.3.0-alpha.13e 2022-11-16

*Fix issue with world not being removed, or replaced when the mine is converted to a virtual mine, or when the mine is moved to another world. The problem would be the config settings for the mine would save correctly, but upon the server restart, it would revert to the old world. The problem was with the non-saved world field not being reset correctly. This fixes the issue correctly so it’s should work properly under all situations.

3.3.0-alpha.13d 2022-11-02 NOTE: Changes to PrisonBlock structures have been stashed and are not included in this alpha.13d release.

3.3.0-alpha.13c 2022-10-17 NOTE: Changes to PrisonBlock structures have been stashed and are not included in this alpha.13c release.

3.3.0-alpha.13 2022-08-25

Highlights of some of the changes included in this alpha.13 release. Please see the change logs for all details.

v3.3.0-alpha.12L 2022-08-25

CMI delayed startup: Added new feature to try to auto enable Prison’s delayed startup if CMI is detected as an active plugin, and if the delayed startup is disabled within the config.yml. This is to help get more CMI users up and running without more effort, but yet still provide the ability to customize how it is triggered. If CMI is active, there is NO WAY to disable a delayed startup check.*

This represents about six months of a lot of work with many bug fixes, performance improvements, and new features that have been introduced. The last two alphas were not pulled back to main, but they were released, This PR will preserve the released alpha as it has been published.

Also, this helps to ensure that this work will not be lost in the event the bleeding branch is lost/removed. Hopefully it won’t be, but a lot of work has gone in to it and it will be impossible to recreate the current state of the alpha release.

This version, v3.3.0-alpha.12, has 300 commits and 323 changed files. The list of actual changes since v3.2.11 is substantial and the change log should be referenced.

Highlights of some of the changes include (a sparse list):

Another major benefit of this rewrite, beside reduction of code complexity and performance improvements, is that it opens the door to being able to implement an internal placeholder cache. Some plugins request placeholder data once per tick, or 20 times per second. Multiply that by 50 online players, and you got prison performing the same calculation 1000 times per second. Caching could help reduce that to only one calculation per second (assuming a cache time to live value of 1 second. Caching will not always be so simple, or possible, or every placeholder. Player-based placeholders can’t be cached like static mine placeholders (mine names and mine tags as an example).

v3.3.0-alpha.11g - 2022-06-11

** v3.3.0-alpha.10 2022-04-02**

** Release notes for the v3.3.0-alpha.10 release as posted to and


This alpha.10 release includes many significant performance improvements and bug fixes. Although this is an alpha release, it is proving to be stable enough to use on a production server. Please make backups and test prior to using. This v3.3.0-alpha.10 release is “still” backwards compatible with v3.2.11 so you should be able to down-grade back to v3.2.11 without major issues. The breaking changes that will be in the final v3.3.0 release have not been applied yet to these alpha releases.

Please see our discord server for the full listing of all bug fixes and improvements, there have been more than 70 updates since the alpha.9 release. The following is just a simple short list.

*3.3.0-alpha.8 2022-02-12

A return to the v3.3.0 release track. The alpha.7 release represents a continuation of where we left off before. Once we got to alpha.6, it became apparent that it was critical to release before v3.3.0 was ready, so we returned to the v3.2.x track, including everything up to and including the v3.3.0-alpha.6.

3.2.11 2022-01-22

v3.2.10 2021-08-22

v3.2.9 2021-07-03

v3.2.8.1 2021-06-18

v3.2.8 2021-06-17

Prison V3.2.8 Release! Prison now fully support Spigot 1.17 and Java 16!

NOTE: Since the start of the development on v3.3.0, Prison has had a few other releases under v3.2.7 and v3.2.8. The reason for these releases is that the major structures (and code) that would make prison v3.4.x, are not complete. Therefore, to get out new updates sooner than later, v3.2.7 and v3.2.8 have been release.

NOTE: v3.2.8-alpha.1 is identical to v3.3.0-alpha.6. V3.3.0 is far from being ready to be released. So v3.2.8 will enable Java 16 and also Minecraft 1.17.

v3.3.0-alpha.6 2021-06-07

v3.2.7 2021-05-02