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Prison Documents - Table of Contents

Setting up Prison - The Basics

This document provides a quick overview on how to install Prison and get it running.

Download Prison

Download Prison from one of the following sites:

Setting up Prison is simple:

Prison’s Dependencies on Other Plugins

There may be no hard dependencies that will prevent Prison from running, but there are some core plugins that will make it easier to use. This short list is just a suggestion, but alternatives do exist and may be outside of our ability to comment or assist in their usage.

Economy Plugins - Required

Prison requires an active economy in order to active the Ranks plugin. When Prison starts up, it performs many validations on the mines and ranks as they are being loaded. With Ranks, if Prison cannot find an active economy, then it will refuse to load the Ranks module due to possible server corruption (ie… what failed that there is no economy).

Chat Plugins - Optional

Permission Plugins - Required

Permission plugins are not strictly required for Prison to work, but within a server environment almost everything depends upon permissions in order to make things work.

Prison actually uses bukkit’s permission interfaces. This makes it simple for Prison, but it also limits what prison can do. For example, one limitation is with permission groups; Prison is unable to resolve permission groups since that “concept” does not exist in bukkit, but is a concept that is implemented through plugins like PEX and LuckPerms.

Placeholder Plugins

Chat related plugins provides access to Prison placeholders, but these placeholder plugins takes it to the next level and allows other plugins to access prison data. There are not many out there, mostly because papi is so simple and does it so well so there is no real need for other plugins.

It should be noted that Prison’s placeholders do not include the escape characters, and they may vary in the other plugins that you use placeholders. Sometimes they may be { } or % %, and sometimes you may have to mix the two. The plugin’s documentation should help you identify what’s the correct usage.

World Protection Plugins

/rg flag __global__ -w world passthrough deny

Enchantment Plugins

Other Plugins

Important Prison Information

Upon starting up, Prison will display a lot of information in the server’s console. This information is intended to help you configure and confirm that prison started correctly with all of the related resources that it is using. It also provides you with valuable information that is needed to help troubleshoot issues, if you should happen to encounter any.

Some of the important details that are listed:

Server Start Up Script

If you are leasing a server from a hosting service you may not be able to customize the startup script. But if you have control over it, then the following information may help.

java -Xdebug -Xms2g -Xmx4g -jar spigot-1.16.5.jar -nogui

Example of enabling debug hooks for the server. This is used with Eclipse, and may work with other IDEs since it’s a java directive.

java -Xdebug -Xnoagent -Djava.compiler=NONE -Xrunjdwp:transport=dt_socket,server=y,suspend=n,address=5005 -Xms2g -Xmx8g -jar spigot-1.16.5.jar -nogui --log-strip-color

Note: The use of --log-strip-color may or may not work within your environment.

Getting Help

If you should run in to any questions or issues, please first review all online documentation first.

If you cannot find what you need within the documentation, please visit our Discord server to get the quickest responses there.
Prison Discord Server

In order to provide the best support, the prison startup screen provides most of the information that is needed to help trouble shoot your issues. Please take a screen print and provide on discord with a detailed explanation of the issue.

If you do encounter an issue, and the startup information is requested, please include everything from the first line to the last. Please take a screen print and provide on discord with a detailed explanation of the issue. Include everything from:

	[16:21:30 INFO]: [Prison] Enabling Prison v3.2.5


	[16:21:31 INFO]: | Prison | Prison - Finished loading.

Prison Commands

On the startup screen, prison shows all of the base commands that are active. From these commands, they will provide you with sub-listings of all the other commands.

If you use the command /prison it will not only display all of the sub commands available for /prison, but it will also include a list of all the other root commands and aliases that have been setup.

Prison Commands

These commands are intended to run in game, but most can be ran from the system console. Sometimes the system console is easier to displays longer listings, such as /mines list. Also the console is better with wider text, and with easier to read text since it’s not trying to display over a mc world.

Getting Started

There is a lot to do get your server up and running. But here are some ideas on what to get started on first. It may even be a good idea to create a couple of small mines in an area that you have not spent much time with your final builds. Plan on creating a couple of test mines and ranks, then deleting them. You can quickly get a good understanding of how prison can be setup by playing around with a lot of the setting within a few minutes.

Remember that the command /prison version will show all the available root level commands by the modules. Entering those commands will show all of the related sub commands.