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Setting up LuckPerms

This document provides a quick overview on how to install LuckPerms.

Documented updated: 2021-12-19

Dependencies & Other Information

Setting up LuckPerms

Setting up LuckPerms is simple:

Older Versions of LuckPerms and Prison

Older versions of Prison only worked with older versions of LuckPerms. Prison v3.2.0 and older required luckperms v4.4.1 and older.

Newer versions of Prison supports both the older version of LuckPerms, and all current releases. It is strongly suggested that you use the latest version of both Prison and LuckPerms.

Prison plugin v3.2.0 only works with LuckPerms v4.4.1 and older. Luckperms v4.4.1 is the suggested version and can be downloaded here: LuckPerms v4.4.1

Prison plugin v3.2.1 and newer works with any version of LuckPerms. It is suggested that LuckPerms v5.x.x is used, but you may also use LuckPerms v4.4.1.