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Prison - Setting Prison with Auto Configure

This document provides information on how to get started quickly using Prison’s /ranks autoConfigure.

Prison Log File Examples - Starting Prison & auto configure

Documented updated: 2023-09-09


This document covers how to run /ranks autoConfigure, it’s options, and what to do after the command runs.

It is strongly suggested to run this command and read the current help documentation for the command because a lot of changes have been happening to the commands, but these documents may be out of date: /ranks autoConfigure help

Prison’s Auto Configure will perform most of the basic configurations to get you up and running quickly. This feature will perform the following tasks for you:

Steps Covered in this Document

Some of the steps involved and which are covered by this document:

Other topics that may be helpful but not fully covered in this document:

Server Requirements and expectations

These listings are to help guide you in planning on what you need. A minecraft server is a deep expression of the owner’s vision and the possibilities are unlimited. Prison provides many more options. As such, what works for one server, may not work for yours. These items provides a starting point of the endless of possibilities. Try them and see what happens.

Starting Up Prison the First Time

Prison prints out a lot of detailed information when it starts up. Please review the console to confirm there are no obvious error messages. If there was an issue with prison, and prison is able to detect any issues upon startup, then they will be listed there.

If at any time it appears like there may be something wrong with prison, then please check these startup messages for it may give you a clue as to what is going on.

If at any time you need help with prison, then the first few lines and the list of plugins, with their versions, usually are able to provide a lot of details as to what may be going on.

What the Auto Configure Command Does

Please see the short section at the top of this document titled: Overview.

Running the command /ranks autoConfigure

It is strongly suggested to run this command from the console so it will be easier to see the messages and any notifications it may provide.

The current version of Prison’s /ranks autoConfigure uses Access by Ranks to allow players to use various parts of prison automatically. Two of the major components that are using Access by Rank are /mines tp and player access to the mines. These accesses are based upon the default rank. A player, through Access by Ranks, has access to all prior ranks too. This new feature of using Rank Associations will only work for mines that are linked to ranks.

The use of Access by Ranks prevents the need for /ranks autoConfigure to generate any rank commands dealing with permissions. You may need to add them for your own needs.

Critical: It should be noted that the ideal conditions to running this command is without having any mines or ranks previously defined. If any are detected, this command will terminate and will not attempt to perform any actions. You can use the Option force to force the auto configure to run if there are ranks and mines already defined. If you do force it, keep in mind that it will skip over any rank or mine that it would otherwise try to generate. It will not add blocks to existing mines. It will not hook up ranks to mines. Nor will it configure such features as Mine Access Permissions. If you decide to use force you do so at your own risks. That said, it’s easy to delete the plugins/Prison/ directory and start over (or just rename it).

Almost every command within prison has detailed help, and it can be activated by adding the help keyword to the end of the command. For example:

/ranks autoConfigure help

auto configure help

Under most circumstances you will not have to choose any options.

Then run the command. It should only take about 5 seconds run and will generate a lot of output.

/ranks autoConfigure

Sample Output from the running the Auto Configure

The server that was created to run this example was using 9 core plugins:

9 core plugins

The generated log files can now be found in this document:

Prison Log File Examples - Starting Prison & auto configure

Listing the generated ranks on all ladders using the all keyword:

/ranks list all

Listing all ranks

Listing the information on Rank A, including the ladder and rank commands.:

/ranks info a all

ranks info and command list for Rank A

Using the keyword all is the same as also running the command: /ranks command list a

Listing the generated mines:

/mines list all

Listing all ranks

Review the details of Mine A, including the block listing:

/mines info A all

Mine A info

Alternative setting to use with the Auto Configure command

Generally you would never need to use any of the options. But they do provide for some control during auto configure process.

Other commands of interest:

Turning Virtual Mines in to Actual Mines

One of the first things that you probably should do first, is to protect your new world. The following are a few commands that will prevent players from breaking blocks outside of the mines, and then the next two will prevent mobs from spawning (optional).

/rg flag -w <world> __global__ passthrough deny
/region flag -w <world> __global__ mob-spawning deny
/gamerule doMobSpawning false

To convert the virtual mines you need to define mine’s area. There are two primary ways of doing this:

Use your feet - seriously ;)

This one command actually runs the next two commands automatically:

Note: You can also set the ladder widths. Please use the ‘help’ keyword for more information.

The other method is a little more controlled, and that’s using prison wand to select the two opposite corners, which means you need to have a block to click on. If they don’t exist, then you will need to add them.

A Quick Overview of the ‘help’ Keyword

Prison has an advanced command handler that is able to do a lot of things. One of it’s features is to provide more information on each command that it has registered. To activate this feature, just add the keyword help to the end of any command. Here are a few examples.

/ranks autoconfigure help
/mines info help
/ranks promote help
/ranks command add help
/prison support submit
/prison utils potionEffect help

The help keyword can be used on sub-command listings, which will display the list of commands at that level. The help keyword is applied automatically for sub-commands and is what actually triggers the command listings.

Setting a Mine’s Spawn Location

Stand where you want the mine’s spawn to be, looking in the direction you want them to be facing. Then issue this command:

/mines set spawn <mineName>

If you do not set a spawn location, then players will be teleported to the top-center of the mine. If there is air under their feet, then it will spawn a glass block for them to stand upon to prevent fall damage. If the mine has been significantly mined and there are no blocks around that area, then may fall to their death if they leave that glass block.

Resizing A Mine

Moving A Mine

Changing A Mine’s Liner

Working with Mines within a Void World

Special considerations for resizing, moving, and liners when in a Void World.

Working with Mine’s Permissions

Using Mine Reset Commands

Working with Rank Commands