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Prison’s Auto Manager - Setting Up and Enabling Other Plugins

Prison’s Auto Manger deals with the whole block breaking events. It’s able to provide advanced features such as auto pickup, auto smelt, and auto block, along with providing the player with XP, applying OP fortune, plus many other features. All with maintaining full compatibility from Spigot v1.8 through Spigot v1.16.

Auto Manager is a very complex “process” and as a result, there are many features that can be configured, and many possible interactions with other plugins. Needless to say, there are many things that can go wrong, especially when it may not be configured correctly.

This document tries to cover some of those configurations and settings in other plugins to get things working at their best.

This document contains information on how to configure TokenEnchant and Crazy Enchant

Auto Manager

(content coming soon)

To get TokenEnchant’s TEBlockExplosionEvent to work with prison, you must follow these settings:

Please Note: that these instructions apply to Prison v3.2.4 and later only.

Please Note: that as of Prison v3.2.5-alpha.11 some of these settings may not be required, especially in relation to WorldGuard and if you are using Mine Access Permissions.

Please Note: As of prison v3.2.6-alpha.1 Event priorities have been added to prison. Changing the event priorities may make it easier to get prison to work better with TE instead of having to change the event priorities on TE. If the follow directions do not work well for you, then try changing a few of the the prison’s event priorities. Currently I do not have any documentation to explain how this may help.


To get Crazy Enchants’ BlockExplodeEvent to work with prison, you must follow these settings:

Please note that these instructions apply to Prison v3.2.4 and later only.

Please follow the directions for Token Enchant explosion that are listed above.

But ignore everything that is listed for Token Enchant since Crazy Enchants is much simpler to configure. At this time I am not aware of any special changes that you need to make to the Crazy Enchant’s configurations.

To enable the processing of the Crazy Enchant BlockExplodeEvent enable this configuration: isProcessCrazyEnchantsBlockExplodeEvents: true (enable by setting to true)

BlockEvents - Fortune Features

Prison provides a few options for controlling fortune. But before those options are discussed, the process of how fortune is calculated may be a very important topic to understand since it’s not a simple calculation.

Initially, prison uses Bukkit’s Block.getDrops() function to get a set of ItemStacks of the drops related to the block that is being broken. These drops are not fully inclusive as you would find within a vanilla game, but are somewhat limited, and they do vary from one version of spigot to another (1.8 vs 1.16 could be drastically different).

So to correct for omissions, such as a percent chance flint would be dropped with mining of gravel, and to adjust for the limited range of fortune within the vanilla server, prison has to make adjustments.

With Fortune, the standard is for fortune 1 through 3. But with OP prison setups, Prison needs to support higher fortune levels.

With a standard block break event, you break one block and you get one drop. That is standard without fortune. So the way Prison detects if fortune is applied, is if there is more than one block provided for a drop. With fortune 3 being the highest possible level to influence the drops, Prison checks the tool to see what it’s fortune level is, then uses that within the calculations.

So if the tool has a fortune level of three or less, then Prison does nothing with the drops since everything is already taken care of. But if the fortune level is greater than 3, then Prison must make adjustments to the drops.

The way prison extends the drops for higher fortune levels for tools with a fortune over three, is to divide the standard drop by three (since it maxes out at three), then multiplies that value by the actual fortune level on the tool. The reason is that all of the random variables that went in to calculating the standard drop have already been applied, so all that needs to be done is to extend the total drop amount to cover the tool’s actual fortune level. Since a fortune 3 has a higher chance to adding more to the drop compared to a fortune 1, then we can assume those random chances are reflected in the standard drop. This also means prison should not apply a random chance to the drops since that chance was already applied.

One issue with extending the fortune on the standard drops is that the amounts can appear to be much higher than what would be expected. So prison provides a way to apply a multiplier to the results to pull down that generated value.

If Auto Pickup is enabled

If Auto Pickup is disabled, and Process Normal Drops is Enabled

BlockEvents - Silk Touch Features

At this time, Prison does not provide any support for silk touch. Internally the basics are in place, but there has never been a request to enable anything related to silk touch within the mines.

BlockEvents - Durability (Wear) Calculations

Sometimes the durability on the tools used for mining are applied, and sometimes they are not.

Prison has the ability to enable durability calculations to add wear to the tools, if needed. If bukkit is applying the durability calculations and wear, and if the prison calculations are also enabled, then too much durability wear could be applied to your tools (a doubling effect).

When it is calculated to apply wear to the tools, it only adds 1 to the total durability on the tool. When the durability, or wear, exceeds the max durability level for the tool, then the tool will break.

The tool’s durability level will impact, and reduce, the chance to add wear to the tool. Also if the tool has the Durability Resistance enchantment, levels 1 through 100, it too will make it more difficult to add wear to the tool. If the Durability Resistance enchantment has a level of 100 (or no specified level assumes to be 100), then no wear will ever be applied to the tool.

BlockEvents - XP

Prison has the ability to give the player XP for mining certain kinds of blocks. The XP can be give either directly, or though the generation of XP Orbs.

BlockEvents - Tool Lore Counter

Prison provides block break counts on tools through the use of lore, if enabled. This will track how blocks a tool has broken over it’s life span.