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Prison Troubleshooting

There are a lot of thing that Prison is able to do, but there are even more ways to configure your server with many other plugins. Sometimes there can be conflicts with other plugins, or issues with the way things are configured.

This document provides some directions on how to troubleshoot and possible solutions. Topics are broken down in to a Question and Suggestion/Answer format. Follow the directions on how to proceed.

Note: this document is a work in progress.

Documented updated: 2022-08-30

Troubleshooting Contents

Cannot Mine or Break Blocks

A player has access to the mine, but yet they cannot break any blocks in that mine.

The Need for Information

To help better understand your server’s environment and settings, our support team may need the following information. This is a list of items and how to find them, or how to submit them. Some of these details may be needed to help address some of the questions and answers below too.

Confirm Player Access to the Mine:

If you are unable to tell if the player has access to the mine, then access may be an issue.

To be clear, this question “Does the Player have access to the mine?” is related to personal access and not possible issues with items such as WorldGuard regions being omitted or misconfigured; that’s a non-player issue.

If you think there is something wrong with player access, then please contact our support team on the Prison discord server.

Confirm WorldGuard is Setup Correctly:

If you have Auto Features configured for Cancel Drop Settings (see the section under The Need for Information), or you are using an enchantment type plugin, then review the following points and questions:

To confirm, please use this command in the console: /prison support listeners blockBreak