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Setting up PlaceholderAPI

This document provides a quick overview on how to install PlaceholderAPI.

Additional documentation on placeholders:

Optional Dependencies

Setting up PlaceholderAPI

Setting up PlaceholderAPI just need couple of steps:

Placeholders Commands

Use the command /prison placeholders for a listing the placeholder commands. These include:

Example of reloading prison’s placeholders with stats on what was registered.

Reloading Prison Placeholders

Start up placeholder stats

Troubleshooting Possible Compatibility Issues

There are no known issues with Prison and PlaceholderAPI, but out of the interest to help get your servers up and running, here are a couple of tips that could help with your environment.

Issue with PlaceholderAPI not working with Economy and Scoreboard

There was an issue with an economy placeholder not working with the QuickBoard placeholder.

The solution was to download from PlaceholderAPI, their modified version of Vault and Essentials. Followed by a server restart, or use /papi reload.

/papi ecloud download Vault
/papi ecloud download Essentials
/papi reload

If you use /papi reload/ then you will have to reload the placeholders in prison so they are registered with papi. When papi reloads, it forgets everything that was registered before.

You can use either one of the following commands to reload and re-register all of prison’s placeholders. Both commands are exactly the same.

/prison placeholders reload
/prison reload placeholders

If you create new ranks or mines you will also have to reload the prison placeholders. You don’t have to reload papi in these situations, just prison.