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Setting up Private Mines

This document explains how to setup private mines that are not accessible to other players. This document provides an idea, but it’s up to your to figure out the details to make it all work.

This applies to both personal mines (one player) and also special groups such as donors or clans or other in-game groups.

This process will be a very manual process with a lot of manual steps that must be repeated over and over again.


It is very important to understand how to use WorldGuard and LuckPerms with Prison. The above document explains one way to do that, and it’s something that will be expanded upon in this document.

Performance Considerations

As more mines are added to your server, they will have an impact on performance overall. Here are some possible concerns if you are adding hundreds of private mines.

Mine Names, Permission Names, and Region Names

You need to figure out how you want to name everything. This includes the name of the mines, the permissions, and regions. Their names are overall arbitrary, but they need to make sense to you. There may be a large number that are needed so it would make sense to use an incrementing number.

For the purpose of this document, and to keep the mine names simple, let’s name the mines as follows. This will allow for up to 10,000 mines.

Examples of what will be used in this document:

Permissions are critical in that it allows you to associate a player with a mine. When the mine is properly configured with WorldGuard, it will prevent other players from being able to access it.

Region names should follow the same pattern as provided in the WorldGuard documentation.

In the WorldGuard documentation above, the region names used were based upon

Creating Mines Using Schematic Files

If you will provide personal mines, that implies you will have to have a lot of mines to sell. You can build them individually, but it may be worth figuring out how to use WorldEdit to save a mine as a schematic File. Once saved as a schematic file, you can then copy and paste it in your world many, many times. If you need more information on how to do this, please google: worldedit using schematics.

Hooking it up to BuyCraft or Enjin

Whatever your store front you use, to provide the players with access and ownership to their private mines, all you would have to do is provide the player with the permission that was used to configure that mine. It would be as simple as that. Once the player has the permission, everything should work fine.

If you are naming the permission in a sequential order, see above, then the store fronts may be able to “sell” a range of permissions. Otherwise you would have to configure each one independently.

Another Idea on how to Setup Private Mines

There may be a way to setup a plot world to help with this. A plot world plugin could generate the repeating patterns of the mines, and take care of some of the management of them, but it would have to be a manual process to hook them up to the prison plugin. Such an exercise is far beyond the scope of this document, or the prison plugin being able to provide an automation process to manage all of them for you. Good luck, you’re on your own in trying to figure this out.